Policy Documents


The documents here represent a sample of school policies. If you wish to get a list of school policies or a specific policy contact the school.


Polasaí Iontrála 2019 (Admission Policy) | This document provides a detailed overview of our admissions form as well as a sample admission form.

Foirm Chláraithe 2019 | Admission Form

Rialacha na Scoile (Rules of the School) | This document describes the various rules of our school.

Ráiteas Ethóis (School Ethos) | This document describes the Ethos of the School

Leigheas (The Administration of Medications) | This document describes the circumstances, procedures and rules for the administration of medication.

Na Sacraimint (The Sacrament) | This document describes the schools approach to the sacrament.

School Policy Statement on R.S.E. | This document describes the schools approach to relationship and sexual education and describes the aims of our programmes.

Polasaí i leith usáid na scoile | This document describes the procedures for applying for use of school property and facilities by individuals and groups etc.

Obair bhaile (Homework) | This document contains information on childrens homework throughout the various stages of their education.

Eadaí Scoile – School Uniform | This document describes the uniform and PE kit requirements for boys and girls.

Code of Discipline 2018 English | This document contains the code of discipline for students (English version)

Cód Disciplín 2018 Gaeilge | This document contains the code of discipline for students (Irish version)

Tinrimh Attendance | This document outlines attendance guidelines for all students of the school.

Treoracha i Leith ranganna a roinnt amach ag tús na scoilbhliana (mixed class policy) | Information on the policy on the formation of mixed classes.

Tuairisci | School Reports

Usaid Nn Gaeilge | Use of Irish in the school

Whole school policy for learning support | Information on the schools approach to learning support.

Polasai I gcomhair mor-eig-eigeandalai  | Policy on critical incidents

Polasaí Úsáide Inghlactha | Acceptable usage policy (Irish version)

Acceptable Use Policy | Acceptable usage policy (English version)

Polasaí frith-bhulaíocht 2018 Gaeilge |Anti-bullying policy 2018 English Anti-Bullying Policy Statement 

Taithi Oibre | Work Experience Application form (Irish and English)

Polasaí Oideachais Reiligiúin | Religious Education

Polasai Slaint & Sabhailteacht | Safety Document

Polasaí Bia Folláin | Healthy Lunch Policy

Cosaint Leanaí | Child Protection

Polasaí Úsáide Inghlactha | Computer Usage Policy

Polasaí Cuairteoirí chun na Scoile 2017 | Visitor Policy 2017

Easy Payment Terms and Conditions-policy 

Polasaí Um Chosaint Sonraí/Data Protection Policy