Policy Documents


The documents here represent a sample of school policies. If you wish to get a list of school policies or a specific policy contact the school.

COVID-19 Documention:

COVID 19 Return to school Policy – Plean Freagartha Covid 19 maidir le h-Athoscailt Shábháilte Inmharthana Scoil Uí Riada

Covid 19 Eolas do Thuismitheoirí

Plean Fregartha Covid 19 do athoscailt scoileanna MF 2019

Covid 19 Policy and Response Plan Scoil Uí Riada

Scoil Uí Riada Full Risk Assessment

Ráiteas um Polasaí COVID -19

Foirm um Réamhfhilleadh ar an Obair COVID-19

Scoil Uí Riada Documention:

Polasaí Iontrála 2019 (Admission Policy) | This document provides a detailed overview of our admissions form as well as a sample admission form.

Foirm Chláraithe 2019 | Admission Form

Rialacha na Scoile (Rules of the School) | This document describes the various rules of our school.

Ráiteas Ethóis (School Ethos) | This document describes the Ethos of the School

Leigheas (The Administration of Medications) | This document describes the circumstances, procedures and rules for the administration of medication.

Na Sacraimint (The Sacrament) | This document describes the schools approach to the sacrament.

School Policy Statement on R.S.E. | This document describes the schools approach to relationship and sexual education and describes the aims of our programmes.

Polasaí i leith usáid na scoile | This document describes the procedures for applying for use of school property and facilities by individuals and groups etc.

Polasaí Um Chosaint Sonraí Data Protection Athruithe 2020 This document describes how personal date is held in the school and how this information is protected.

Obair bhaile (Homework) | This document contains information on childrens homework throughout the various stages of their education.

Eadaí Scoile – School Uniform | This document describes the uniform and PE kit requirements for boys and girls.

Code of Discipline 2020 English | This document contains the code of discipline for students (English version)

Cód Disciplín 2020 Gaeilge  | This document contains the code of discipline for students (Irish version)

Tinrimh Attendance | This document outlines attendance guidelines for all students of the school.

Treoracha i Leith ranganna a roinnt amach ag tús na scoilbhliana (mixed class policy) | Information on the policy on the formation of mixed classes.

Tuairisci | School Reports

Usaid Nn Gaeilge | Use of Irish in the school

Whole school policy for learning support | Information on the schools approach to learning support.

Polasai I gcomhair mor-eig-eigeandalai  | Policy on critical incidents

Polasaí Úsáide Inghlactha | Acceptable usage policy (Irish version)

Acceptable Use Policy | Acceptable usage policy (English version)

Polasaí frith-bhulaíocht 2018 Gaeilge |Anti-bullying policy 2018 English Anti-Bullying Policy Statement 

Taithi Oibre | Work Experience Application form (Irish and English)

Polasaí Oideachais Reiligiúin | Religious Education

Polasai Slaint & Sabhailteacht | Safety Document

Polasaí Bia Folláin | Healthy Lunch Policy

Cosaint Leanaí | Child Protection

Polasaí Usáid Ríomhairí 2020 Computer Usage Policy

Polasaí Cuairteoirí chun na Scoile 2017 | Visitor Policy 2017

Easy Payment Terms and Conditions-policy 

Polasaí Um Chosaint Sonraí/Data Protection Policy